Daniel & Shiho's values...

“The highest ideal of therapy is to restore health rapidly, gently, permanently; to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way, according to clearly comprehensible principles”

Wellness with Daniel 

Daniel is a qualified clinical naturopath, nutritionist, MBSR, ACT,  MiCBT professional. He graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), and an Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. Daniel qualified in Cognitive Based Mindfulness Therapy at the MiCBT Institute. He brings to the treatment a gentle and compassionate approach which ensures that clients feel thoroughly relaxed and comfortable, and an understanding of the importance of creating a sacred, caring space to facilitate healing. Daniel is committed to provide holistic natural health care utilising the modalities of nutrition, therapeutic supplementation, western herbal medicine, flower essences, iridology, mindfulness and healthful lifestyle counselling.  He blends his unique Naturopathic skills with a thoroughly scientific and research-based approach to diagnosis, utilising specific diagnostic tests to help patients understand the cause of their condition. Daniel adopts a preventative approach to optimise health and provides care for all acute and chronic illnesses. He enjoys working with patients to help them prevent and overcome the need for pharmaceutical medications through the use of natural medicine.

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Shiho is a qualified Naturopath, having graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health and an accredited Occupational Therapist, having graduated from La Trobe University. Shiho has also furthered her training in Sensory Modulation and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Shiho has worked with many different cognitive, physical and mental health conditions in a range of settings including public hospitals, private practices, and community settings. Shiho has experience working with young people with mental illness and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as an Occupational Therapist. From the growing evidence of the connection between prenatal and early childhood diet with symptoms of ASD, Shiho has a passion for female reproductive issues with a special interest in preconception and pregnancy care. Shiho incorporates family and client centred practice, by engaging and empowering families to enable children to grow and develop to achieve their unique potential.

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Mindfulness passion:

Daniel Cerny has been immersed in mindfulness and meditation for over 20 years, including living in a Buddhist Monastery for five years. He has taught mindfulness to people from all walks of life, including neurosurgery patients, participants at The Gawler Foundation’s cancer retreats, school children, CEO’s, hundreds of corporate employees, and many other retreat participants in Australia and overseas.

Daniel’s diverse skill set includes a broad range of specialisations including the Yarra Valley Living Centre’s signature style of meditation – Mindfulness-based Stillness Meditation (MBSM), as well as Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Acceptance Commitment (ACT) and Mindfulness-integration Cognitive Behavioural (MiCBT) Therapy.

Daniel’s mission:

Through educating and coaching patients, Daniel’s goal is to find ways to make health fit into their lives and works with them collaboratively to set goals and establish treatment plans according to their body’s needs. He takes a very individual approach to patients’ health problems, helping them to regain balance, establish healthy eating habits and make positive lifestyle choices to promote wellness in all dimensions of their lives.  He is committed to continually motivating clients until they have successfully integrated such plans into their daily lives and are fully satisfied with the results.  

What motivated Daniel?

A fascination with nature and harmonious living has inspired Daniel to explore alternative views of medicine and healing, and particularly healing meditation and yoga. He has spent considerable time in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries learning traditional meditation practices and has continued this education in Melbourne.  Daniel is experienced in the practice of meditation and can teach meditation techniques to clients, enabling them to use their mind to change and benefit themselves, and address their emotional issues.  He aims to help patients to develop unconditional acceptance of themselves and others, based on the understanding that the physical complaints of a patient may be affected by their emotional, mental and spiritual balance. His approach enables clients to experience healing at a deeper, more profound level.

Specialising in:

  • Cancer support: managing the drivers of cancer (facilitator at the Gawler Foundation)
    Carcinogenesis is a complex process, including dysregulation of metabolism, supported by the tumour microenvironment. Daniel will be addressing all of these contributing factors using life style changes, nutrient and botanical strategies that can lessen the metabolic drivers of cancer.
  • Digestive conditions including weight imbalances 
  • Mental Health Disease (Depression, Stress and Anxiety disorders, Insomnia)
  • Neurodegenerative Conditions such as MS, Parkinson, Alzheimer: integrating multifactorial approach to regenerate neuronal pathways 
  • Eating disorders (Anorexia NervosaBulimia Nervosa, Binge eating)
  • Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Adrenal fatigue
  • Immune dysfunction, supporting compromised immune system (recurrent infections and colds, boosting immunity) and reducing allergy symptoms
  • Holistic Counselling, including Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT), MBSR, MBSM and Acceptance commitment therapy
  • Skin Conditions – Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis
  • Liver Conditions, developing tailored detox program and recommending practical tips for healthy liver, lymphatic and digestive system detoxification
  • Digestive Issues (Stress-related causes)
  • Men’s Health (Including Andropause and Prostate conditions)
  • Sports Nutrition
  • MTHFR testing
  • Kryptopyrolles testing


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Advanced Diploma of Herbal medicine
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutrition
  • Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, MiCBT Institute 
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy, Open ground institute 
  • Acceptance Commitment therapy, ACT Mindfully 
  • Advanced Integrative Oncology: managing drivers of cancer 
  • Restorative Yoga, Byron Purna yoga
Association: Australian Traditional Medicine Society

You can find Daniel in the City, Eastern suburbs, Dandenong and Dandenong Ranges alternatively you may book online consultation via Skype

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