The Art of Mindfulness – Getting Unstuck

 Mindful practice with Daniel Cerny

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So happy that I met Daniel! Within a few seconds he gave me so much more information compared to all the doctors I have talked to before. He certainly knows what he is talking about and he is very motivated to help people. Besides that he made me learn a lot about myself, which is fantastic. A very inspiring and knowledgeable person who looks further to give the best advice and help where needed. Much appreciated, thank you!

In my experience it was perfect, I received what I needed to make a shift, needed to include mindfulness in my everyday life to enhance experience. I like to extend wholehearted gratitude to Daniel , for amazing course that was delivered with love and devotion. Your passion to educate and deliver mindfulness in a sacred experience was achieved and appreciated with love   

Take a chance


“Because you never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be”

“Be kind to yourself”


Every Week Daniel will guide you to a deeper understanding of the Art of Mindfulness and Meditation. Discover the simplicity of self compassion and self awareness and the positive effect and impact they have on your mindset, your overall well-being and zest for life.

Each week will be guided by a theme/ topic and discussion, followed by a 30 minute guided meditation. This Weekly course is perfect for those who: feel they are stuck in a rut; work in a high pressure job and can’t switch off; experience repetitive negative thought patterns, self dislike, or anxiety; worry excessively, or those who are simply curious to look further into self-enquiry, mindfulness and meditation.

Week by week you will learn:

  • What is the essence of mindfulness practice

  • Recognising our own reactivity, inappropriate stress response

  • Turning dysfunctional coping mechanisms into reliable self management tools

  • Developing intimate relationship with yourself

  • Recognising we all have an inner rhythm and how to dance with life

  • Understanding the mechanics behind our stress response
  • Living your life fully from your heart rather than your head

  • Learning about how to be present and grow with our human experience

  • How to develop trust in yourself and your feelings

  • Learning how to digest, integrate and normalise our human experience
  • Self enquiry, how would you like to feel

  • How to accept your thoughts and feelings for what they are and meet them with kindness

  • Deepening our understanding of limiting beliefs

  • Recognising fear from truth

  • Learn to listen to your hearts deepest desires and values

  • Listen to how you want to live your life
  • Understand how tapping into our highest values helps motivate and guide us through life, enabling us to find true happiness and fulfilment

Be kind to yourself

Daniel is running his courses at Happy melon Studios Soulpod and Ferntree Gully

I like to say thank you this time for your mediation meditations,  I’m so glad we did the 4 weeks with you and now the 4 weeks again.  The meditation was such a blessing in hospital.  I did it daily,  twice a day then 3 times on the last day.  By accepting I had a lot of feelings I was able to recognise them and i realised my body settled and i was much more in control of my pain. The was experiencing an extreme pain and I managed to meditate through it and felt great that I managed the pain well without a lot of drugs.  It was awesome Daniel and made me feel so good about myself and so strong.  Brings tears to my eyes recognising the journey I’m on.  I’m still doing it daily and if i wake during the night i do it again instead of taking anything to put me to sleep.
Well done you,  love your work
Ann Leaver

“I knew the course would be good but it far surpassed that and was really amazing. The level of warmth Daniel generate is incredible. The depth of your knowledge passed over in such a caring and loving way, not making anyone feel inferior for not getting it straight away was exceptional. It makes me very happy that you are out there in the world passing on your wonderful knowledge to people in such a beautiful way. I will never forget this course thank you and my aim hopefully will be to attend one of your mindfulness retreats if possible.  Anyway take care God Bless  Happy heart happy life

Love this course and love to do more. I found Daniel to be really engaging, informative and pleasure to learn from. Thank you Daniel and I certainly hope to join more of your classes in the future. 

Great course with lots of humour which adds a fun element to learning. Daniel has a lot of knowledge in the field and delivers it well. 

Thank you for all your kindness, wisdom, cheerfulness and enthusiasm for mindfulness teaching. You have given me a new dimension in my life. I was drawn