What did retreaters  say about any aspects of Daniels retreats?

“I knew the weekend would be good but it far surpassed that and was really amazing. The level of warmth that the two of you generate is incredible. The depth of your knowledge passed over in such a caring and loving way, not making anyone feel inferior for not getting it straight away was exceptional. It makes me very happy that you two are out there in the world passing on your wonderful karma to people in such a beautiful way. I will never forget my first retreat thankyou and my aim hopefully will be to attend 2 a year if possible.  Anyway take care God Bless 

Happy heart happy life, Mez

Dear Daniel & Shiho,

  The difference now is, I feel I have the fuel, patience & presence to attend & engage & enjoy the slow moments in between the rush that is life of a working mum. I wanted to thank you both for the nurturing, patience, warmth & heart that was shared this weekend. No detail was left unturned & it was these small touches that made the retreat so unique, so moving & has helped me shift! Everything from the accommodation, to personalized welcome notes, recipe books, perfumes, green smoothies on waking & impressive banquets!  I think I am noticing myself more & have an acute awareness around moments of mindfulness & moments of ‘autopilot’. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your teachings, your attitude & passion with me. It was a real treat to be looked after (especially when feeling unwell).  It was such a privilege to have met you both & to have had 2 days of time to nurture me. With warmth & kindness, Aviva 

”Daniel’s sessions come naturally from his heart, everyone was able to find some peace in Daniel’s sessions, most people come to learn about mindfulness and Daniel delivered great tools”


“Actually getting out of my comfort zone to come here knowing no one, and have a great time, wonderful food, great recipes and nutritional ideas. Yoga and meditation was a wonderful start to the day and great ways to get pass my mind being stuck on very negative things. Round table discussions with like minded people gave me practical ideas to be more mindful and also understanding how to keep my body more alkaline. In summary great information and great people, Reiki and massage was divine.”


“The mindful eating and nutritious meals prepared for us was out if this world-universe”


“Really restful, rejuvenating weekend, perfect location, food and nutrition exceeded my expectations very filling and informative, meditation was great”


“Thoroughly enjoyed the meditation and the nutritional food that was prepared. Also enjoyed the learning that came along with the retreat from Daniel”


“Yoga, information, cooking, people, laughter, I really love it Thank you”


“Mindfulness, everyone sharing their knowledge and experience, developing ways to tackle/handle stress”


“Lovely people with great passion and amazing knowledge. There is a big difference between doing something just for money and being on a mission and it shows. Daniel’s retreats are here to promote some great changes”


“Thank you Daniel for you kindness”


“In my experience it was perfect, I received what i needed to make a shift, needed to include mindfulness in my everyday life to enhance experience. I like to extend wholehearted gratitude to you Daniel and Shiho, for amazing weekend that was delivered with love and devotion. Your passion to educate and deliver mindfulness in a sacred experience was achieved and appreciated with love Soula”


“Just a quick note to thank you for the relaxing weekend away. It was like a “home away from home” without all the usual distractions. The nutritious wholesome meals were awesome. Also learnt more about diet and health Love to come again Tina”


“Small group, time between sessions, great pace to reflect, Daniel has created non-judgemental, open and safe  environment in this beautiful settings, skilful gradual immersion into being present, excellent intro to health eating Heinz”


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