Track 1: Introduction to your practice 2min

Track 2: Arriving at Mindful Presence: creating a new relationship with your life 1min

Track 3: Golden Ribbon practice: tuning to your stillness 3min

Track 4: Mindful Checking: have a break, get in touch with your body again 4min

Track 5: Breathing practice: getting to know what you really need during your busy day 5min

Track 6: RAIN practice: dealing with daily difficulties 10min

Track 7: Body scan practice: getting to know your body language 10min

Track 8: Body scan practice: getting to know your body language 20min

Track 9: Choiceless Awareness: opening to what is here 23min

Track 10: Say Yes to life practice: how often do we say no to life 11min

Track 11: Meeting difficulties: meeting life challenges with open heart 10min

Track 12: Coming home practice: home is not a place, it’s feeling in your heart 20min

Track 13: Loving kindness: connecting with our true self and others 11min

“The difference after listing your mindfulness meditations, I feel I have the fuel, patience & presence to attend & engage & enjoy the slow moments in between the rush that is life of a working mum. I wanted to thank you  for the nurturing, warmth & heart that was shared in your coming home practice . No detail was left unturned & it was these small touches that made the practice so unique, so moving & has helped me shift! Everything from the introduction, to personalized supporting words, & impressive variety!  I think I am noticing myself more & have an acute awareness around moments of mindfulness & moments of ‘autopilot’. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your teachings, your attitude & passion with me. It was a real treat to be listening to it (especially when feeling unwell).  With warmth & kindness”



Coming home mindfulness practice, remedies for our modern world


Welcome to your mindfulness practice


Thank you for taking this time to yourself exploring the landscape of your own mind. My name is Daniel I will be your guide on your journey to self discovery. For more information on our retreats and mindfulness workshop brows our website. If you like to get a taste of my Coming home practice


As you start unpacking all those practices, but more importantly, going through this adventure called mindfulness. This way of living a full life. All these practices are a way into your inner world. Increasing the capacity to attend this present moment whatever it is the body scan, breathing, open awareness, dealing with difficulties or loving kindness practice.  


“The only way we have of influencing the future is to own the present however we find it”


So any practice you choose to do today please


1. Be kind to yourself

2 .Adapt any suggestions to your own needs, tuning to your own needs

3.If anything is too uncomfortable, you are welcome to pull out of the practice (e.g. open your eyes, look out the window, move around)

4.Think of practice as an experiment, putting lap coat on and your mind the object

5.It is normal to hit a block. Then decide whether to shift from practice to explore the block, or to disengage from the block and get back to the practice


“Home is not place, it is a feeling in our heart, may this practice bring you home” 


Life changing practice

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”Daniel’s practice come naturally from his heart, I was able to find some peace in Daniel’s sessions, most people want to learn about mindfulness and Daniel delivered great tools”