Experience nourishing One Day Wellness Retreat in Dandenong Ranges, 16th June Sunday 10am-3pm 2019

A perfect balance of mindfulness meditation, yoga, qigong, workshop session, food as medicine, fun and relaxation. This retreat is very popular so register early to secure your place.    

One day Wellness Retreat



Step away from your routine of daily life and embark on a day of rejuvenation and nourishment in the Dandenong Ranges. 
Join naturopath Daniel Cerny and Shiho Mafune in this day retreat, combining mindfulness, meditation, yoga, qigong and nourishing food.
All too often in the busy, modern pace of life we can become swept up in “doing” and find ourselves become more and more disconnected from ourselves; our needs, our desires, and what is really important to us. This retreat will support you to find an inner space, a sense of freedom and a deeper connection to yourself and your inner resources so you can once more come home to yourself.
Allow us to guide you in gentle yoga, nature walks, and guided mindfulness meditations. Share a delicious, organic, healing lunch prepared by Daniel. Experience the benefits of really taking care to nurture your body, mind and heart.
We look forward to sharing this experience with you.
  • Morning gentle yoga or Qigong sessions including Restorative Yoga finding your range of movement what feels good for you, meeting a light minded people so you can unplug from your busy life 
  • Guided sitting, walking mindfulness meditation and mindful movement.
  • Nourishing foods snacks and lunch prepared by Clinical nutritionist Daniel and Naturopath Shiho
  • Take a refreshing walk in their garden or play in TeePee
  • Indulge in time to relax, to disconnect from our usual fast paced lifestyles.
  • Daniel  and Shiho will share their personal and clinical knowledge using mindfulness and food as medicine. 

  “We must become the change we want to see.” – Mahatma Gandhi 




if you have any  QUESTIONS?

Please contact us via the form below or call Daniel 0410819626 


Daniel is passionate about food, all meals are prepared with love, he will be sharing with you a nutritious dishes everyone can make at home 


First of all, thank you Daniel for making me feel at home, it makes a huge difference that you are so easy going and welcoming- the yoga was a great way to get all the morning jitters out of the way! At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself to stay on top of my mental health by not getting caught up with the daily stresses of life. Mindfullness would be a key to this. The half day retreat was a lovely reminder of how important it is to take time out for myself. I love the talking and anecdote aspects of the day as I can relate to them and find the advice definitely helps me in everyday life. For example, over the last few months I am putting in more effort to be more present with my friends and family and be all there, where ever I am! P.s the food was also delightful too. I don’t think you could add much more into the day.  I already see Daniel as my mindfulness teacher and find this aspect of the counselling very helpful.

This wonderful retreat has given me the tools to really see ever day experiences afresh…maybe akin to putting on glasses and a hearing aid; seeing with greater clarity and actually hearing words spoken. I feel more attuned to conversations but the best of all is that others appear more engaged also. By slowing down, my world has actually become richer and more peaceful by allowing and accepting ‘what is’.  I’ve actually achieved more on my ‘to do list’ in my personal life and aware that there is another way of dealing with the stressors within the workplace. Its all about acknowledging and allowing! Thank you to our instructors for having the wisdom of running such a great retreat in a beautiful location!    

I had never done anything like this before and did not know what to expect. I was hoping that I would learn how to meditate, do some yoga and perhaps some new cooking skills. I was blown away by the whole experience, learning how to do mindful meditation has changed my life. Learning some yoga has inspired me to practice and learn more yoga. The cooking class has given me a confidence to try new things. Meeting and sharing the experience with people from all over the world was totally amazing. Daniel and Nik did such an awesome job of arranging all the practice sessions, workshops and other activities. They are so genuinely honest, kind and sincere. I am so happy and grateful for meeting them I will totally being doing another retreat with them.  

So happy that I met Daniel! Within a few seconds he gave me so much more information compared to all the doctors I have talked to before. He certainly knows what he is talking about and he is very motivated to help people. Besides that he made me learn a lot about myself, which is fantastic. A very inspiring and knowledgeable person who looks further to give the best advice and help where needed. Much appreciated, thank you!       

This was my first time I have the experience of the retreat that taught me to understand myself as Daniel is a wonderful teacher and had a lot of empathy and love for people   Thank you   

Be kind to yourselves come and nourish your body and mind

Looking forward to see you there