I have arrived in Okinawa, what a magic place, great variety of healthy foods, beaches and people are so relaxed here compare to Tokyo. I started my day in Niffera cafe with vegan platter, great nutritional value, served by couple who are very kind and fully dedicated vegans. You can also take a few picture of butterflies as they are part of cafes garden. Green smoothies using local herbs (basil, coriander, moringa (okinawa herb), banana, mango and strawberry pure. 

For Lunch I had a happy curry from Happy more organic market, this place was a heaven for me, a few of you know what I mean….funny enough I felt much happier afterward, smoothies are made from seventeen different local herbs, what a buzz!!! I filled up my suitcase full of veggies and brought them back to Tokyo. Prices were really cheap $1 for a big bunch of silver beet. All delivered from local farmers. 

Ukishima garden is a  funky macrobiotic restaurant in Okinawa, great selection of macrobiotic food

Macrobiotic food


Do not miss this outstaning place. Okkalika curry place is located right on the beach, great variety of curries,  I had home made Dhal with brown rice for $10, the whole experience was like a movie set, don’t forget your swimmers so you can go snorkelling after lunch around the little Islands for free. 

Other place to explore is Living life market place, where you ca get all other organic groceries including nuts,seed and super foods, they also deliver on line, if you can get there. While you are browsing around try one of theirs smoothies. If you are into herbs don’t miss out medicinal herbal garden, which has been operating for the last forty years, remarkable selection of herbs, you can see them how they grow, and the manufacturing process. Staff was really nice given me a tour around the place. Their turmeric was great, it suppose to have high levels of curcumins. I believe that local herbs from Okinawa have a very strong influence on healthy long life of local people, they have amazing traditions …..have a look at the size of the turmeric on the left….

Stay tune what else Japan has to offer……